Compost Baladi SAL

Compost Baladi SAL

Compost Baladi SAL

Rank: Winner

Industry: Green Technology

Country: Lebanon

Track: Social Entrepreneurship Track

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Compost Baladi S.A.L is a Lebanese social business specialized in sustainable organic waste management. Our mission is to promote the recovery of valuable resources from biowaste. Our lines of services and products include, but are not restricted to, providing decentralized, modular and customizable solutions that rely primarily on a controlled and automated process. Our innovation lies in the design of our waste recovery devices, such as the “Earth Drum” and the “Earth Cube”, which are enclosed systems that are automatically aerated and equipped with a biofilter, making them pest and odor proof with a small footprint that fits in residential premises. Our latest invention is the “CubeX”, which has the capacity to treat sewage and solid organic waste simultaneously while producing cooking gas, irrigation water and soil fertilizer.